Nogi Jinja Shrine, Tokyo

At the time of the Meiji Emperor’s death, the place where was the mansion of General Maresuke NOGI and his wife Shizuko who followed him. Many people were moved by their loyalty, and many people visited this place. The Mayor of Tokyo at the time gathered comrades widely, worshiped the Spirit of the couple in a small shrine in the grounds of their mansion, established the Nogi Jinja Shrine in 1919.

General Nogi was a Japanese samurai and military educator. He took command of the Russo-Japanese War and the Sino-Japanese War and made numerous achievements. It is also internationally famous that he immolated himself to attend on Meiji Emperor beyond the grave. Many people who were deeply impressed loyally by such General Nogi visited Nogi House at that time. It seems that the number has increased day by day. “Nogisaka” (Nogi Slope) in front of Nogi House is also said to have been named after General Nogi.

On the “Treasure hall” in the precincts there are exhibits of generals Nogi’s article left by the departed, which you can enter for free. A picture taken at the morning of the day of dying, including a statue of General Nogi, a bottle of wine drunk at that time, etc are displayed. Moreover, the sword at the time of killing oneself on the death of its master can also be seen together with all of a will or husband and wife.

In Nogi Jinja Shrine, the good luck of General Nogi who played an active part in war is shared, and there is divine favor of match fate or work fate. You can also receive the power of moving forward, such as “To overcome self and move forward”. Also, in addition to that, a marriage ceremony can be held in Nogi Jinja Shrine. Because it is widely known as a marriage shrine.

A variety of sizes of gourd is hung in front of Nogi Jinja Shrine’s office. Actually this is a talisman, it is a luck of fulfillment of various wishes and doubling of prosperity. Speaking of gourd, Hideyoshi TOYOTOMI who played the unification of country in the Warring States Period also loved a gourd. In fact, General Nogi seems to have been one of the regular users of a gourd. Japanese shogi pieces are attached to the cord of the gourd of Nogi Jinja Shrine. If you want to raise the game, how about doubling the power with this gourd?


Name:Nogi Jinja Shrine
Address:Motoakasaka 8-11-27 Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0051 Japan
Access:Tokyo Metro Chiyoda-sen Line “Nogisaka-eki Station” (1 minute walk)
Tel:(+81) 3-3478-3001
Official site:

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