Okinawa World, Okinawa

To Okinawa World, It takes about 30 minutes by car southeastward from Naha Airport. The limestone cave “Gyokusen-do” is the most famous. The photograph of the white stalactite and the pond which praises blue water may have been seen. Facilities with the different charm gather like “the habu natural history park” having only one, the “Ryukyu Kingdom castle town” which can experience the Ryukyu culture in the old private house of the reconstructed genuine article, the brewing place etc. which are performing manufacture of habu alcohol or microbrewing, in the world other than Gyokusen-do Cave in the site. In addition, there is show every day, and an event is substantial like an unusual limited plan.

It is “Gyokusen-do” of the stalactite cave to have opened first in Okinawa World. After being discovered by the research group of Ehime University, the passage etc. were improved for sightseeing. There are the most kinds of the stalactite in the stalactite cave in the whole country, and there is the stalactite of 37 kinds. In addition, not only there are many numbers, but also the density of the stalactite is high, too. In 890 meters in total length, 1 million stalactite exists. The length of the cave which is opened to the public is 890 meters, but the full length of it is approximately 5,000 meters and is the largest stalactite cave in Japan.

If you comes out on the ground from the exit of “Gyokusen-do”, you will arrive at the very back of Okinawa World. Furthermore, when it progresses, there is a Ryukyu Kingdom castle town. This zone is lined with old folk houses of red tiled like Okinawa, and, in the Meiji, and early Showa era, the building where person actually lived in was removed and rebuilt. It is registered with the tangible cultural properties of the country, and the beauty is genuine.

Much shisa (a lion shaped amulet commonly found in Okinawa) is exhibited by the kingdom historical museum in the castle town, and the late maestros’ precious shisa can be seen there.

You cannot miss the coolness of popular entertainment show “Super Eisaa” (Eisaa is Okinawa’s traditional dance that uses native drums) so that repeaters appear one after another, and the fun of “the show of a habu” of the habu natural history park.


Name:Okinawa World
Address:1336, Tamagusuku Maekawa, Nanjo-city, Okinawa Prefecture, 901-0616
Access:Approximately 30 minutes from Naha Airport by Car
Price:Free Pass:
Adult - 1,650JPY, Children - 830JPY
Gyukusendo Cave & Kingdom Village:
Adult - 1,240JPY, Children - 620JPY
Kingdom Village & Habu Center:
Adult - 1,130JPY, Children - 570JPY
Official site:

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