Okoshiki Kaigan (Okoshiki Seashore), Kumamoto

“Okoshiki Kaigan” (Okoshiki Seashore) is located at Uto Peninsula of Kumamoto prefecture.
The tidal range is very great in the Sea of Ariake, the water line at the time when the ebb tide is more than 2km from the coastline, and a beautiful shoreline appears.



It is said that an origin of “Okoshiki” is an Emperor of Japan stopping Mikoshi (a hand-carried palanquin) and having been fascinated with its beauty. The place is known for its beautiful scenery which designated as Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Sunset and Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Beaches.



You can only see the picturesque scenery a few times a year, because the setting sun and the ebb tide of the Ariake Sea overlap with each other is several times a year, and it is influenced by the weather.



Uto City Tourist office : Time of the setting sun and the ebb tide of the Okoshiki Seashore
Blue : The day of ebb tide
Yellow : The setting sun and the ebb tide overlap with each other



At the time of ebb tide, the unique ripple mark of the crescent moon type appears from the Nagahama shore to the Ouda shore for approximately 5km. In these shores, the scenery of the ripple mark glistening with the setting sun of the Okoshiki seashore, which was chosen as “Japan’s 100 Most Beautiful Sunset “, is mysterious, thus many photographers both professionals and amateurs come from the whole country on the day when the sunset and the ebb tide overlap with each other.




Name:Okoshiki Kaigan (Okoshiki Seashore)
Adresse:Toguchimachi Uto, Kumamoto 869-3174 Japan
Access:JR Misumi-sen Line “Ouda-eki Station” (15 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81)964-22-1111(Ext.2209)(Uto City Tourism of Commerce)
Official site:http://www.city.uto.kumamoto.jp/

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