Oronkoiwa Rock, Hokkaido

It seems that people lived in the Shiretoko Peninsula from prehistoric times, and there are many remains of thousands of years ago. Around the 10th century, due to the influence of the Okhotsk culture, Ainu people built cultures that value the rich nature that is blessed, and they worshiped bears and killer whale as gods.
In recent years, in order to preserve this rich nature, it was designated as a national park in 1967 and a nationally designated wildlife protection zone in 1986. It is also known as the place where the first national trust movement in Japan was developed.


In the such Utoro port of the Shiretoko Peninsula, the stone rock shaped like a strange shape about 60 meters high rises against the background of the clear blue sea of Okhotsk. That is well known “Oronkoiwa Rock” which is one of the Shiretoko Hakkei (Eight Views of Shiretoko). The name “Oronkoiwa Rock” comes from the Ainu word meaning “a rock sitting there.”


This rock, which was once an island, also now continues to land and can walk to the summit. Currently the side of the Oronkoiwa Rock is a stone step. As you climb that steep staircase, you can see that the upper part is flat. The view from there is outstanding, and you can overlook 360 degree landscapes such as Utoro townscape and Shiretoko mountain range.


It is hard to climb the 170 stairs steps, but the sense of achievement after having reached is exceptional. Due to the damage of Ezoshika (Hokkaido deer), the plants that have become less visible in other areas also live without being eaten in the summit of the Oronkoiwa Rock.


Beside Oronkoiwa Rock there is a rock called “Godzilla Rock”. As the name suggests, “Godzilla Rock” looks like Godzilla. It is a rock that seems to be strong as you see it. The official name is said to be the “Candle Rock”.
From the direction of the Oronkoiwa Rock, it seems that Godzilla is standing. Even if it sees Godzilla Rock from the other angle, it is not likely to be visible to a form like Godzilla.



Name:Oronkoiwa Rock
Address:Utorohigashi Sharigun Sharicho, Hokkaido 099-4355 Japan
Access:JR Senmo-honsen Line “Shiretoko-Shari-eki Station” (45 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 152-22-2125 (Shiretoko Shari-cho Tourism Association)
Official site:http://www.shiretoko.asia/

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