Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium, Aichi

Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium (Nagoyako Suizokukan) is a popular facility in the garden warf of Nagoya port. It is divided into the south hall and the north hall , and the theme of the south building is “a trip to the South Pole.”
By dividing the seas from Japan to the South Pole into five areas and reproduce the state of the “Japanese sea”, “deep sea gallery”, “sea of the equator”, “waterside of Australia” and “sea of the South Pole.” It begins from “the tornado of a sardine” of the large fish tank, and continues to the sea of a coral reef, and the South Pole.
The theme of the north hall is “The journey, the distant days of 3,500 million years … animals which returned to the sea again … ” In the process of life evolution, the whale adapted itself to underwater life, and developed intelligence. The world of the whale which has evolved such way is introduced by various techniques.


A dolphin performance show being carried out in the Japan’s biggest pool is unmissable. The performance of the dolphin jumping dynamically in the huge pool of 60 meters of width, 30 meters long, and the depth of 12 meters is seen. From a child to an adult, cannot help being absorbed. If you watch from an underwater observation window, you will be to be impressed by the figure of the dolphin different from the ground.


The highlight is feeding of approximately ten minutes in “the large water tank of Kuroshio Current (the Japan Current).” It is the best part that the group of the sardine of about 30,000 changes of its shape one after another, and it moves just like one living thing.


The “Beluga pool” is reproducing the North Pole in which Beluga lives, and the sea of the arctic cold of the circumference of it. The Beluga which swims gracefully in the tank can be observed, or voice like a whistle which being called “a marine canary” can be heard.


It is sure that both an adult and the child are excited very much. How about visiting by all means?



Name:Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Address:Minatomachi 1-3 Nagoya Minato-ku, Aichi 455-0033 Japan
Access:Nagoya Municipal Subway Higashiyama-sen Line “Nagoyako-eki” station (5 minutes walk)
Price:2,000 yen (Adult)
1,000 yen (Elementary &Junior High-School Student)
500 yen (Child : age 4 or older)
Official site:http://www.nagoyaaqua.jp/

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