Ryukyu Mura Village

In the Ryukyu Mura village in Onna-son in northern Okinawa Island, you can see the traditional old folk house of Okinawa and industrial arts experience, and can enjoy the powerful Eisaa of the traditional dancing. For the traveler to Okinawa for the first time, this place is unmissable.
A village has the old private houses of traditional red roof tile, and it is thought that time has passed slowly.
The sound of sanshin which is a musical instrument of Okinawa from where, or a drum can be heard, it seems that one can be wrapped with a spectacle time-slipped to old Okinawa.

The Ryukyu Mura village goes north from Naha Airport for approximately one hour, it is a sightseeing theme park in Onna-son village of the resort area. In the garden, there are many old folk houses, which was removed and rebuilt from the various places throughout the prefecture, and some of those are registered the nation’s registered tangible cultural properties. Traditional Okinawa can be felt while spending in a traditional house.

Because the industrial arts experiences are possible in the old folk house, too, so you should experience it by all means if you have time. It surely becomes the good recollections of the travel to Okinawa.

“Okinawa no Eki Chanpuru” is the area of the touch which mixed the time of Showa with the house of the traditional red tiled roof. The taking a ceremonial photograph is possible in the costumes for rent of the colorfully-dyed pattern here, not to mention a souvenir, too. Because there is a roof, you can enjoy even rain in comfort.

The Eisaa is a traditional art of Okinawa in something like Bon festival dance. When it is the Bon Festival in Okinawa, people parade around the area all through the night.


Name:Ryukyu Mura Village
Adresse:Yamada 1130 Kunigamigun Onnason, Okinawa 904-0416 Japan
Access:60 minutes by bus from Naha airport
Price:1,200 yen (Adult)
600 yen (Under 15 years old)
Free (Under 5 years old)
Official site:

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