Samurai Entertainment ALATA (Alternative Theatre), Tokyo

It is the Alternative Theater that opened in Tokyo Yurakucho Mullion Building where the stage “ALATA” that is sent out to the world in a completely new form will be performed.
Yurakucho with Alternative Theater is the place where “Nihon Gekijo” (Theater Japan) was once. It is a place where there was a theater which reigned in the entertainment world of Japan over about 50 years from prewar days.

The Alternative Theater opened as a place for new Japanese entertainment that everyone can enjoy across words and cultural barriers. It fascinates the audience with performing arts at “non-verbal” that does not need words and the wire original flying system of this theater.

Furthermore, this theater makes us feel the powerful world by making full use of video technology, LED system installed at the theater wall and the theater’s ceiling, etc.

The performance “ALATA” is a new Chanbara (Swordfighting) play by Samurai who has been time slipping in Tokyo in 2020.
As walk-on performance, the required quality of the swordship and dance is very high.

It is a must-see powerful production with full of state-of-the-art technology such as wire stunts, projection mapping, full-color LED ceiling lighting, or whatever. Let’s enjoy brilliant performances such as beautiful and intense swordsmanship and dancing by cast members who are specialists of dance and sword fighting.


Name:Samurai Entertainment ALATA (Alternative Theatre)
Address:Yurakucho 2-5-1 Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 Japan
Access:Direct connection to the A0 exit of Hibiya station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya / Chiyoda / Toei Subway Mita lines
Tel:(+81) 3-6895-0062
Price/Charge:Please refer the official web page.
Official site:

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