Senko-ji Temple, Hiroshima

The Senko-ji Koen Park which can be called the symbol of Onomichi. From mountaintop observation deck, you can overlook Onomichi city, the Onomichi Ohashi Bridge, ship crossing the Onomichi Channel. There is the Senko-ji Temple founded in 806 in the hillside, and the way which goes down to the Senko-ji Temple from the summit of the mountain is improved as “the path of literature.” From the Onomichi street, it is connected by the ropeway and many tourists are visiting. As a famous place of a leading cherry tree in Hiroshima Prefecture, it is crowded with many people enjoying the cherry blossoms in spring.

Onomichi, famous as a hill, the sea, and a town of shrines and temples. Much writers and penmen has had aroused their interest by the beautiful scenery until now.
Moreover, this surrounding area has appeared as a stage of various movies or anime even now.
The Senko-ji Temple is one in many shrines and temples in such Onomichi.

Onomichi is famous as a town of the slopes.
Because everywhere of the town is a slope and a stair, and the Senko-ji Temple is located on the mountain, it is serious to go on foot.
Fortunately, there is the ropeway toward the temple. When visiting the Senko-ji Temple, enjoying a skywalk using a ropeway, and in the way back, the route of going down slowly on foot while looking at the rows of houses of Onomichi is recomendation.

At first you arrive at the Senko-ji Koen Park when you go down the ropeway.
Please drop in at the observation deck in the park. From this observation deck, you can overlook cityscape of Onomichi, Seto Inland Sea, many islands including Mukoujima island.

The view from the main hall of the Senko-ji Temple is the superb view like the scenery from an observation deck, too.
This main hall constructed in the style of a stage with red lacquered like Kiyomizu-dera Temple of Kyoto. Let’s visit to pray firmly after being blown on the sea wind, looking at beautiful scenery.


Name:Senko-ji Temple
Address:Higashitsuchidocho 15-1 Onomichi, Hiroshima 722-0033 Japan
Access:JR Sanyo-honsen Line “Onomichi-eki Station” (16 minutes walk)
Official site:

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