Studio Yumekoubou (Maiko Makeover Studio), Kyoto

The “Maiko”, being both elegance and graceful and beauty, walking the town of Kyoto is an idol regardless inside and outside of the Kyoto. It is the “Studio Yumekoubou” to be able to transform into such a Maiko. Why don’t you try getting an elegant feeling there once by being taken a picture in flamboyant costumes by a professional photographer.


There are plural studios in Kyoto, and the theme of each studio is like “Luxuriously beautifully” as the Kyoto station square head office, and “Pretty and Gorgeous princess” as the Kiyomizu sannenzaka studio, etc.


It is one of charm points that you can choose the style according to your preferences.


Makeup artists of those studio are professional, and they are superior in a technique to express a tradition and newness.


Furthermore, after a first-class photographer take your picture redeeming your beauty, and a retoucher revises it carefully one by one, so they finish it to the ultimate one while being natural.


It is used widely from a small child to an elder over 90 years old. It might satisfy your desire for transformation.
You might feel the culture of “Hana Machi” (the entertainment district) and the maiko closely, if you transform yourself into a beautiful maiko figure.



Name:Studio Yumekoubou (Maiko Makeover Studio)
Adresse:511 minami-machi shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto 600-8232 Japan
Access:JR Tokaido-honsen “Kyoto-eki Station” (10 minutes walk)
Price:Popular plans for foreigners are here.
Official site:

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