Taishizan Seidaiji Temple

The huge building “Taishizan Seidaiji Temple” in Katsuyama-shi, Fukui and Echizen great statue of Buddha. It was modeled by Todaiji in Nara and was made larger than that. The height sitting down of the Echizen great statue of Buddha is 17m more than the great statue of Buddha of Nara. The Wakiji-Butsu (Buddha accompanying honzon) of four bodies are enshrined by the right and left of the statue, and the Buddhist images of 1,281 bodies are installed in the surface of a wall.
In addition, there are Five Storeyed Pagoda proud of 75m in height, gorgeous nine dragon walls, and Japanese garden, they overwhelm people who visited.


Kiyoshi Tada who was a businessman of this town opened here in 1987, and it was like the theme park of the sightseeing purpose at first and was not an official temple.
Since it was belonged to the temple of the Myoshinji Sect of the Rinzaishu in 2002, it is a formal temple now.


Because the Hall of the Great Buddha is made mimicking the Hall of the Great Buddha of Todai-ji Temple, the design looks just like that except details.
The height of a sedentary statue is 17m. It is 28m including the plinth. At least a sedentary statue is larger than Great Buddha of Nara about 2 m.


In his later years,Mr. Tada stated “since that many people helped me to get to where I am now”, and he did charitable work or contribution enthusiastically. The construction of this Seidaiji Temple is also one in it. The total cost of construction is 38 billion yen!


However, in spite of being such a splendid temple, there is hardly a tourist. In the shopping center of the temple town, the shutter of most stores is closed. It is almost a ghost town and famous also as “funny spot”.



Name:Taishizan Seidaiji Temple
Address:Katasecho 50 Katsuyama, Fukui 911-0811 Japan
Access:Echizen-Tetsudo Katsuyama-Eiheiji-sen Line “Katsuyama-eki” (15 minutes by bus)
Price:500 yen (Adult)
300 yen (Under 18 years old)
Official site:http://www.geocities.jp/etizen_daibutu/

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