Takino Suzuran Hillside Park, Hokkaido

Takino Suzuran Hillside Park is the only national park in Hokkaido. The site containing “Waterfall of Ashiribetsu” used as the origin of the name of the place called Takino is as vast as 400ha. In the park, it is divided into four areas, the central zone, the mountain stream zone, and the forest zone of Takino (the eastern area and the western area), each having a different way to enjoy. In any area, what is in common is rich nature. In the central zone, the beautifully maintained garden, waterfalls and rivers in the mountain stream zone, and in the woods wild grasses welcomes you.


“Takino Suzuran Hillside Park” in Sapporo City South Ward is a vast park where adults and children can enjoy. About 110 kinds of tulips color the hills from the middle of May to the beginning of June. “Tulip and Suzuran (lily bell) Festa” is held annually and you can enjoy tulip taking experience etc.


Suzuran (lily bell), also a name of the park, has pretty flowers blooming in “the pathway of Suzuran”. There is also “The Garden Tour of the Highlight of the Flowers”, and it is devised so that even people who visited this park for the first time can enjoy it.


Among the extensive grounds, there are the playground equipment that children can interact with nature, such as “Anthills Tower” and “Rainbow Nest Dome”. The “Children’s Valley” is recommended for parents with small children. It is a pleasant facility such as “Walkway of Squirrel” and “Melody Mushroom” in the “Home in the forest” using nature. It’s the park where you can enjoy nature, such as flowers, trees and the wide sky, whichever season you go.


Although you can bring a lunch box in the park, the “Yakiniku garden” is also set up so you can enjoy a barbecue on sunny days. In the official web site, there are flower information, flower calendar, etc. what kind of flowers can be seen at that time, so it is a good idea to check in advance.



Name:Takino Lily Bell's Hillside Park
Address:Takino 247 Sapporo Minami-ku, Hokkaido 005-0862 Japan
Access:Sapporo Municipal Subway Nanboku-sen Line “Makomanai-eki Station” (31 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 11-592-3333
Price:Please refer the official web page
Official site:http://www.takinopark.com/

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