Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival, Hyogo

“Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival” is a festival centering on the total dance of Dekansho Bushi (A Folk Tune Interjected as a Refrain of Dekansho) held every year in Sasayama City, Hyogo Prefecture. The history of “Dekansho Festival” is new, started from the summer of 1952. “Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival” was consolidated into one as the Bon Odori which had been done in each area in the former Sasayama Town, and began to be held as a total Bon Odori in Sasayama Town.


There are various festivals dealing with the folk songs of the area, but it seems that the region love is dedicated to the Dekansho Festival.
Tamba Sasayama once flourished as a castle town. There are many tangible and intangible cultures such as Tamba black soybean, Botan-nabe (wild boar meat cooked in a flat pan), Tanba Toji (sake breweries) and so on cultivated in the land in Sasayama Castle, local products and special products. Also, Dekansho Bushi, which is continuing to sing while still incorporating new lyrics, is a true folk song. Currently, the lyrics are up to 300 verses, and in 2015 it has been selected as one of the Japanese heritage that the country certifies.


“Dekansho Dance” is a dance to match the folk songs of “Yo-i, Yo-i, Dekansho!” Matching folk songs “Dekansho Bushi” boasting all over the country.
The highlight of the Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival is total dancing with a wooden tower as high as 8.7 meters in height in the center of the site. Local people and audience will unite and dance in circle.


The 2-day festival has dance workshops built in, so you can feel free to join the festival on that day.
If you want to relax and have a cool evening while watching the festive atmosphere, you may also want to use a fee-based banquet set up on the north side of wooden tower.


In addition, Dekansho dance contest and fireworks festival are held on both evening nights. 2000 fireworks from the Sannomaru Plaza that will make the hall more exciting. The fireworks that will be launched into the middle stage of Bon Odori and the finale will color Tanba Sasayama’s midsummer night sky and become a memorable Bon dancing festival.



Name:Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival
Address:Kitashinmachi 31 Sasayama, Hyogo 669-2332 Japan
Access:JR Fukuchiyama-sen Line “Sasayamaguchi-eki Station” (15 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 79-552-0758 (Sasayama City Business and Industry Association)
Paid seating is also available for a safe and enjoyable fireworks experience.
Official site:http://dekansho.jp/

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