Tanize Suspension Bridge, Nara

There is the longest suspension bridge in Japan in Totsukawa-mura village , Yoshino-gun located in the southernmost tip in Nara Prefecture. The magnificent views of nature are surrounded by green mountains, and the clear stream “Totsukawa river” flowing through that wilderness, it is a suspension bridge in the beautiful natural landscape. It is the popular spot so it is also used for TV commercials.


The Tanize Suspension Bridge built in 1945 was built by the local people to use as a road for daily living. For this reason, local residents still use this thrilling suspension bridge as a everyday community road. They are crossing by bicycle, motorbike, etc. as well as on foot.


An announcement of “DANGEROUS, Do not pass more than 20 people at a time.” before the suspension bridge is filled with the feeling of fear.


It seems that among the tourists who visit, people with afraid of heights, can turn back without being able to cross.
On the other hand, people who like high places will pass along very happily.
This suspension bridge does not only simply have a thrill. The natural scenery is also a highlight.


Today, it is an event called “Yure Daiko” (Swing Drum) which is famous for the summer. This is the event where the drum performance is held at a height of 54 meters above the ground.
For this thrilling event, local people will perform on August 4th “Suspension Bridge Day” every year.



Name:Tanize Suspension Bridge
Address:Tanize Yoshinogun Totsukawamura, Nara 637-1106 Japan
Access:JR Wakayama-sen Line “Gojo-eki Station” (Approximately 1 hour by car)
Tel:(+81) 746-63-0200 (Totsukawa Tourism Association)
Official site:http://totsukawa.info/

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