Tokugawaen Garden, Aichi

Tokugawaen Garden in the place of approximately 3km of east from Nagoya-jo Castle, and its origin is that the second generation of Owari feudal lord Mitsutomo TOKUGAWA built the Ozone residence in 1695. After receiving contribution of residence and a garden from the Owari Tokugawa family in 1931, Nagoya-shi opened it to the public as “Tokugawa-en.” Tokugawa-en is a garden of the Chisen-kaiyushiki-teien style (a stroke-style garden around a big pond) which is seen in Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa, not to enjoy it to see a garden from a building.

The daimyo garden which was the Lord of the Edo period is also this Chisen-kaiyushiki-teien style. The state in which a clear stream flows through a waterfall to a ravine into the pond likening to the sea is condensing the natural scene of Japan symbolically. Furthermore, the difference between the high and low area, forest with nature on, and the big rock arranged in three dimensions are the features of Tokugawa-en, and it enables it to take a large view of “solemnness” by changing boldly the scene which was varied.
It is a garden which can be enjoyed through the four seasons, such as fresh green, autumnal leaves and a peony, and flowers of a Japanese iris.

The black gates of a front entrance are ruins of the residence of the Owari Tokugawa family completed in 1900, and are the total zelkova structure. Including consecutive side tenement houses and walls, it is a few inheritances which escaped destruction by fires by the massive air raid in 1945, and is a precious building group conveying the feature of the samurai residence.

Shortly after entering inside the garden, there is “Kosenkyo” which is a timber bridge of white cedar. When you go ahead through some mountain paths across Kosenkyo-bridge, you arrive at Ryusenko (pond) which is the place that opened out most in a garden.
The ship hut is left behind on the pond. It is said that the ship of 16 was floated on the lake those days.

The autumnal leaves of Tokugawa-en begin to color from around the middle of November every year, and will greet best time to see from the end of November to early in December. Although the usual business hours are till 17:30, it can extend till 20:30 late in November every year, and lighting of autumnal leaves can be seen.


Name:Tokugawaen Garden
Address:Tokugawacho 1001 Nagoya Higashi-ku, Aichi 461-0023 Japan
Access:Nagoya-Tetsudo Seto-sen Line “Morishita-eki” station (10 minutes walk)
Price:300 yen (Adult / High school students / University students)
Free (Under 15 years old)
Official site:

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