Tsunan Yuki Matsuri (Tsunan Snow Festival), Niigata

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It is said that Tsunan town is one of the heaviest snowfall places in the world. Tsunan town is located in Nakauonuma-gun, Niigata, and is also famous as a rice granary.



To enjoy abundant snow, The festival mainly on two as “Snowboarding tournament” and “the sky lantern” was began.
That is “Tsunan Snow Festival”.



Tsunan-machi of the heavy snowfall covered by snow more than 3m. In the village of the cold winter, this festival celebrates the coming of warm spring with the end of winter.
The people who live in this area changed the way their think that “snow” is from an object of fighting to an object of coexistence. Then this event was born.



As for the sky lantern used for a means of communication 770 years ago, it became a messenger of the light to send a wish to the sky now.



The sky lantern of more than 1,000 color romantically a winter night sky at the Tsunan Snow Festival.
What do you wish for?




Name:Tsunan Yuki Matsuri (Tsunan Snow Festival)
Adresse:Akinari 12300 Nakauonumagun Tsunanmachi, Niigata 949-8313 Japan
Access:JR Iiyama-sen Line “Tsunan-eki” station (30 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)25-765-5585 (Tsunan Snow Festival Executive Committee)
Official site:http://snowfes.info/

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2 Responses

  1. Johnwong says:


    Am I still able to get a sky lantern for Tsunan Snow festival 2017 ?

    • finder says:

      It seems that the “sky lantern ticket” which can participate in a launch of a lantern certainly is already sold out.
      One lantern seems to be presented if you subscribes for the “snow festival volunteer staff” and the “sky lantern ignition staff.”
      Please look at an official site(Only Japanese) for details.

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