Tsutanuma Lake, Aomori

Tsutanuma Lake surrounded by the deep primeval forest of the beech is one of the seven swamps called “Tsuta no Nana Numa” (seven swamp of Tsuta). Tsutanuma Lake biggest in this Tsuta no Nana Numa is the Oirase area’s leading popularity spot that many people visit in the colored leaves season of autumn. Trees of beeches surrounding the lake are dyed bright red and yellow, and show the gorgeous world where it is reflected in the lake. The time when colored leaves of this Tsutanuma shine particularly are a morning and sunrise. While the morning sun which came in sparkles bright golden-colored from the top of the mountain, skillful autumnal leaves are projected on the water surface of Tsutanuma.


When a dazzling light of the morning sun hits and it spreads on the whole surface, the autumnal leaves of the dawn of whole Tsutanuma is beautifully illuminated. It is difficult to aim at the timing when the morning sun comes in beautifully at the time when colored leaves are the most beautiful. Many photographers visit Tsutanuma every year to catch few morning superb views. It is an unparalleled view which crimson autumnal leaves are dyed by a morning glow.

Although, it is known as a famous place of fresh green and autumnal leaves, but you can enjoy the beautiful scene like this even if you visit in the midsummer.
In order to enjoy the unparalleled view reflected in the mirror of the water surface, it is recommended to visit in fine weather on a calm day.


The best time to see of autumnal leaves is from the middle of October to the end of October every year, and around October 20 is most prosperous. Let’s visit on the day which seems to be the closest to the conditions of a fine weather non-wind.


“Tsuta no Nana Numa” is a general term of seven marshes, and six marshes of those are linked on a promenade called “Numa Meguri no Komichi”. You can take a walk through them in approximately one and a half hours.



Name:Tsutanuma Lake
Address:Okuse Towada, Aomori 034-0301 Japan
Access:JR Tohoku-Shinkansen Line “Hachinohe-eki” station (75 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81)176-75-2425 (Towadako National Park Association)
Official site:http://towadako.or.jp/

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