Unzen Jigoku Hell, Nagasaki

The sightseeing spot representing Unzen Hot Springs, “Jigoku Onsen” (Hell Hot Springs). The scent with sulfur hung over, the steam and hot air blowing out from the bottom of the ground and covers the entire surface is exactly the hell itself. This place is also known as the place where the stage of martyrdom of christians was set up, and the martyrs monument has been built.
It consists of over 30 hells, such as “Dai Kyokan Jigoku” and “Oito Jigoku”, and it conveys a variety of sorrows and legends to the present.


Unzen Jigoku Hell was renewed in 2016 and has been reborn to “the hell to feel” from old “hell to see”.
There is the promenade in hell and there is the newly maintained spot in the middle of the hell tour of about 60 minutes, and you can enjoy the Unzen hell through the senses.


Unzen Hot Spring is the sulfate fountain located almost in the center of Shimabara Peninsula, and it is one of the most hot spring resorts in Kyushu where many inns line up. The name of the place of “Unzen” originates in the name of “Unzensan Manmyoji Temple” opened by Gyoki in 701. The Unzen Onsen Hot Springs, which began its founding about 350 years ago, was cooler in the summer because of its high altitude, and since the Meiji era it prospered as a spa resort.


The “Tour of Unzen Jigoku Hell” is famous for the Unzen Onsen Hot Springs. The most active fumarolic activity is present near “Dai Kyokan Jigoku” at the eastern end of Unzen Jigoku Hell. The fumarolic activity gradually fades towards the west.


In addition, “Unzen Oyama no Johokan” (Museum Hall) in Unzen Onsen town has a scientific exhibition on the formation of hot springs on Shimabara Peninsula. Also, fun events such as bird watching and field observation are held.



Name:Unzen Jigoku Hell
Address:Obamachounzen 320 Unzen, Nagasaki 854-0621 Japan
Access:Shimabara Tetsudo-sen Line “Shimabara-eki Station” (40 minutes by car)
Tel:(+81) 957-73-3434 (Unzen Onsen Tourism Association)
Official site:http://www.unzen.org/

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