Yakata-bune (House Boat), Tokyo

When traveling Tokyo, you have to consider a means of transportation, the tourist resort to visit, a gourmet, and cost. Although there are many sightseeing spots in the twenty-three wards of Tokyo, but it is difficult to visit many in a short period. Efficiently, deliberate itinerary is needed at reasonable expense. It is a Yakata-bune (House Boat) of Tokyo which is likely to fulfill such all.


The course which the round tour through a famous place in Tokyo such as Odaiba and Asakusa is often prepared in Yakata-bune. It’s possible to look at streets in Tokyo in the ship. There are also a lot of Yakata-bune tours which can enjoy the tempura in the Tokyo style, the sushi in the Edo style and the monja-yaki which are Tokyo gourmet in the ship. A delicious gourmet and alcohol can be enjoyed during movement. Moreover, there is also Yakata-bune which offers formal Japanese dinner like a Japanese-style restaurant, so a fresh dish can be enjoyed according to expense.


Many main tourist resorts in Tokyo are located in Shinagawa-ku, Koto-ku, and Minato-ku. Many Yakata-bune touring in these areas.
Although the main means of transportation in Tokyo are trains, but there are also a complicated transfer and a line of high fare, so the cost of moving unexpectedly comes high


But when it’s a houseboat, it can be used at the reasonable price including a good meal and alcohol and the nice scenery of Tokyo. Through Asakusa and the Odaiba round tour course, since it can look also at a sightseeing spot such as the cherry tree roadside trees in spring, the Tokyo sky tree, and the Rainbow Bridge, etc., while traveling, so it is recommended.


A houseboat is divided into a charter ship and a passenger boat. It’s possible to make a reservation from 2 people, so it can be used casually. Moreover, if it is a lunch course, it can use for 3,000 yen – 6,000 yen. It can also use from about 10,000 yen per one person to enjoy a beautiful night view and the delicious Tokyo gourmet. It’s possible to experience reasonable Tokyo sightseeing.



Name:Yakata-bune (House Boat)
Address:You can confirm bording place by this web page.
Access:You can confirm bording place by this web page.
Tel:(+81) 3-6880-1477
Price:The plan of cruises can be searched for by this web page.
Official site:Reservation Site

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