Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival, Saitama

“Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival” where the light of Bonbori (Japanese paper lantern) of “Funadashi” (Festival Ship) and the fireworks launched from the castle fantasize the river. This is a fireworks display held annually in hopes of eliminating waterworks and praying for an easy service since stone shrine, which enshrines Suijin (god of water) in Yorii Town in Saitama Prefecture in 1931, was discovered by chance.


Funadashi, which the lanterns are beautifully decorated, crosses the “Tamayodo River Bed” in the midstream of Arakawa River and at the same time, about 5,000 fireworks bloom in the night sky. Starting with “Niagara” which extends 100 meters in length, “Star Mine” rising at high speed one after another was launched, the scene where Funadashi and fireworks compete is fantastic. You will surely be deprived of the divine festival called “Best Water Festival of Kanto Area”.


“Tamayodo” is a region of about 3 km on the Arakawa coast that flows in the center of Yorii-machi, it is known as a scenic site with many cherry blossom trees and big rocks and strange rocks. The stone shrine was discovered downstream of this Tamayodo district, which once proved that this region fisherman was believed as a god of water excluding water difficulty. Then, Suijin (deity of water) was celebrated and Suitengu (the temple sacred to the guardian deity of mariners) was deified here. This suitengu is still widely believed as god of relief from disaster at sea and easy delivery.


The fireworks launch site and the venue where Funadashi crosses the river are separate. Both venues are close to the riverbed bleacher and you can enjoy two beautiful sights at the same time. Paid seats such as “A seat” which can be watched from a wide place with a table and chair, “B seat” where you can appreciate closely from the shore where duckboards were laid are prepared.


“Tamayodo Riverbed” named after the meaning of “’Yodomi’ (stagnation) of beautiful water like ‘Tama’ (gem)”. A spectacular view of the river which is a festival venue spreads out as its name suggests. You can fully enjoy majestic nature by simply walking around the flow of Arakawa River. Tasteful scenery and fireworks festival that adds color to it, please come and visit.



Name:Yorii Tamayodo Suitengu Festival
Address:Yorii Osatogun Yoriimachi, Saitama 369-1203 Japan
Access:Tobu-Tetsudo Tojo-sen Line “Yorii-eki station” (12 minutes walk)
Tel:(+81) 48-581-3012 (Tourism Association of Yorii)
* Paid seating is also available for a safe and enjoyable fireworks experience.
Official site:http://yorii-kanko.jp/

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