Kairakuen Park, Ibaraki

“Kairakuen Park” counted with Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa, and Korakuen in Okayama by one of the three outstanding gardens in Japan. In 1842 of the Edo era, it was opened as a place of the rests of people by Mito feudal clan ninth charges feudal lord, Nariaki TOKUGAWA.
It registers with “Japan Heritage” which will keep Japanese culture and tradition as “The Group of Heritages of Modern Japan” in 2015.


The area of the whole Kairakuen Park is broadness of total approximately 300 hectares. As a city park, it is proud of an area of the second place of the world next to Central Park of New York City. When you enter from the front gate, bamboo forest spreads, the Togyokusen pond that water springs out without the settlement when you go down there, and Kobun-tei (tea room) which Nariaki TOKUGAWA dealt with the design himself, it is full of the highlight.


The plum of approximately 100 kinds of 3,000 is planted in Kairakuen Park and is in full glory all around in the early spring. Started by “a plum festival” from end of February to the end of March, flowers decorate the garden with blooming cherry tree, azaleas, bush clover in autumn, and precocity cherry trees in early winter throughout a year.


Kobuntei located middle inside the garden consists of a wooden three stories of main part of it, and single-story wooden building of inner palace, and is said that Nariaki TOKUGAWA designed itself. It is said that writers and artists, a vassal, and people in the territory were gathered here, and enjoyed chanting a poem and an entertainment were held.
Although the entrance to Kairakuen Park is no charge, the entrance to Kobuntei requires a charge.


It is said that Kairakuen is made being conscious of the view of the world of “the negative and the positive”.
The world of “the positive” that the sunlight pours, and the flower of the sweet-smelling plum is in full glory in the early spring, and the world of “the shade” that quiet stillness is comfortable like the world of the mysterious profundity.
It is also one of the charm only in Kairakuen Park to enjoy the contrast.



Name:Kairakuen Park
Address:1-3-3 Tokiwacho Mito,Ibaraki 310-0033 Japan
Access:JR Joban-sen Line “Mito-eki” station (20 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81)29-244-5454 (Kairakuen Park Center)

200 yen (Adult)
100 yen ( Junior High & Elementary Students)
Official site:http://www.koen.pref.ibaraki.jp/park/kairakuen01.html

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