Kibune no Kawadoko (Riverside Summer Terrace of Kibune), Kyoto

Short distance from floor to the surface of the river is very attractive feature of Kibune no Kawadoko. It seems that it is very near the surface of the water, so if you stretch out hand it is almost within your reach. You can feel the wind which rustles the inside of trees in vivid green, without thinking the intense heat in the town, and the humid heat peculiar of Kyoto Basin, separated from the urban noise. The Kyoto dish to have while hearing the murmuring of the Kibunegawa river is particular.

In Kibune called “an annex of Kyoto”, “Kawadoko” can be enjoyed from May 1 to September 30.
Unlike Kamogawa installed in a riverside, it is prepared on a river in many cases in Kibune. Therefore, you can feel a coolness, hearing a little stream. You are able to immerse yourself in a luxurious feeling by full-scale Kyoto cooking.

The beginning of Kawadoko of Kibune is in the Taisho Era. When ascetic rests on a river, it is said to be the beginning that having been offered tea, food, etc. hospitality . .

Compared with the city area in Kyoto, about 10 degrees Celsius temperature of Kawadoko is low. It is recommended that going in the dress which can be adjusted.

In the case of rain, you cannot go down in Kawadoko. You have to take a meal indoors.
The period when Kawadoko is performed varies according to each store.Moreover, having or not having a courtesy bus and parking lot, the number of seats also changes with stores. Please ask each store.


Name:Kibune no Kawadoko (Riverside Summer Terrace of Kibune)
Address:Kuramakibunecho Kyoto Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1112 Japan
Access:Eizan Dentetsu Kurama-sen Line “Kibune-guchi-eki Station” (10 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 75-741-4444 (Kibune Tourism Association)
Price:That differs depending on the restaurant.
Official site:Kibune Tourism Association

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