Miyajima Momijidani Park, Hiroshima

“Miyajima Island”, the tourist resort popular as the three most famous views in Japan. Itsukushima-jinja Shrine is famous, but the “Momijidani Park” (Colored Leaves Valley Park) of Miyajima is popular because colored leaves are beautiful. The very beautiful spectacle has spread in the Momijidani Park in autumn with 700 colored maples.


Itsukushima-jinja Shrine in Miyajima is famous, and the main shrine and great torii which appear on the sea are a popular sightseeing spot.
However, the famous place, where autumnal leaves are beautiful, is located in Miyajima called “island of God” from ancient times.


The primeval forest still remains in Miyajima untouched by human hands as an “island of God.”
The Momijidani Park is in the foot of the primeval forest “Mt. Misen.” The Momijidani Park is a beautiful park located in the place of approximately 20 minutes on foot from the Miyajima pier which is an entrance of Miyajima island.


There are approximately 700 trees turning red in The Momijidani Park, and approximately 560 of them are iroha maples (acer palmatum).
The middle of November to the end of the month is the best time to see of autumnal leaves every year. It is said that the place around the Momijibashi bridge is a perfect autumnal-leaves spot especially.
The colored leaves floats on the surface of the water of the brook flowing through the park, and the colored leaves which are bright red on the surface of the water shiningly is wonderful contrast.


The Momijidani Park is full of many tourists more than usual every year when the time of best time to see comes every year.
A deer said to be an errand of God walks in fantastic scenery. There are many wild deer in Miyajima.
Such deer are also walking along Momijidani with the tourist as if it was enjoying the season of autumnal-leaves.



Name:Miyajima Momijidani Park
Address:Miyajimacho Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima 739-0512 Japan
Access:JR Sanyō Honsen Line Miyajimaguchi Station. About 10 minutes from Miyajimaguchi Port to Miyajima Island by ferry.
Tel:(+81)829-44-2011 (Miyajima Tourist Association)
Official site:http://www.miyajima.or.jp/

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