Ninja Museum, Mie

The palace of the Iga style ninja consisting of “Ninja Yashiki House” “Ninja experience building”, “Ninja Denshokan Museum”, and “Ninja Hiroba square”. There are the Ninjutsu experience and the Ninja show, and by which you’re a ninja from today.


It’s possible to peep at the world of Iga way Ninja wrapped mysteriously here. You can experience a secret of the Iga style art of concealment. It display “Ningu” and document more than 400 items at the time of “the throwing knives” which are the representative weapon of the ninja.


In addition, you can really sense “a water spider” and “the chain armour” which a ninja used bodily. The mechanism corridor where the devices such as “a reversal” or “a bypath” were made lets you somewhat taste the throb feeling that oneself seemed to steal into a mansion.


You can experience beating a genuine throwing knife per person for 200 yen. A ninja show of force perfection is being held.


Visitors can watch a show where ninja tools that were actually used in the ninja heyday are demonstrated. Shuriken, swords, and kusarigama are used in this exciting display.
And, Iga-ryu Ninja Museum sells original ninja goods that cannot be found anywhere else. There are t-shirts, toys, ninja tools, and ninja clothing, all of which are rare items only found in the Museum Shop.



Name:Ninja-Museum in Mie
Adresse:Uenomarunouchi117, Iga-city, Mie 518-0873
Official site:

日本, 〒518-0873 三重県伊賀市上野丸之内117

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