Zenkoji Temple, Nagano

There is Zenkoji Temple, which is famous throughout the country, in Nagano. In the Edo period, it is a popular temple that is said to be “visit Zenkoji once in a lifetime” and is a famous temple where many visitors come from all over Japan. That Zenkoji Temple can be seen as the honorable masterpiece of Amida triad (Amida Nyorai, right flanking attendant Seiji Bosatsu, left flanking attendant Kannon Bosatsu), which is also said to be the oldest in Japan, and even the huge temple architecture of the masterpiece.


The main hall was rebuilt in 1707 and designated as a national treasure. In addition, the mountain gate has been designated as an important cultural asset and has kept its appearance. In this Zenkoji Temple you can enter into such a masterpiece of buildings, and you can make a special experience with valuable historical relics that can only be seen here.


The road leading to the main hall of Zenkoji Temple is maintained as an approach, and it is also the spot where many shops line up. By the way, its foundation is in 644, its history is profound. Together with the history of Zenkoji, you can also visit various exhibitions at Chureiden Hall, the Museum of Zenkoji Temple next to the main hall.


Zenkoji Temple is in a huge square area, Main Hall, Mountain Gate, Kyozo (sutra repository), Nio-mon Gate (Gate of Deva), Chureiden Hall, Museum of Zenkoji, Goma-do hall (hall for burning holy sticks of invocation ), Daihongan Hall and other buildings line up. Among them, it is said that the biggest attraction is the Main Hall of national treasure.


As mentioned above, this Main Hall is a historical building rebuilt in 1707, its size is huge, about 27 meters high, about 24 meters in width, about 53 meters in depth. It is said to be the third largest among the wooden buildings designated as National Treasures. It seems that it is built with a construction method called hiwadabuki (with the bark of hinoki Japanese cypress as roof material) made using cypress trees.



Name:Zenkoji Temple
Address:Motoyoshicho 491 Nagano, Nagano 380-0851 Japan
Access:JR Hokuriku-Shinkansen Line “Nagano-eki Station” (15 minutes by bus)
Tel:(+81) 26-234-3591
Some facilities are charged.
Please refer the official web page.
Official site:https://www.zenkoji.jp/

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